Classroom Utilization

Classroom utilization are key measures to understanding the relationship between student enrollment, course and degree program development, and facility availability. Over the past six years UAF PAIR has explored various means by which to track and report the utilization of instructional classroom space. Our reporting is an evolving process which seeks to incorporate current practices in measuring space utilization.

Publication cycle: Annual, October


PAIR has established a method for measuring classroom utilization. The assessment breaks the weekday into three segments: morning (before noon), afternoon (noon to 5 PM), and evening (5 PM to 10 PM). Each classroom is evaluated for its occupancy and utilization of that occupancy during the morning and afternoon. Hours of use, scheduling and utilization rates are calculated at the classroom level and then summed to the building level.

» Fall 2011 Classroom Utilization Data

» Fall 2010 Classroom Utilization Data

» Fall 2009 Classroom Utilization Data

» Fall 2008 Classroom Utilization Data


The following papers and websites are useful resources to understanding current trends in space utilization.

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