CLICK HERE for online registration.
You can download a pdf of the catalog from our "Publications" page.

You must be a current member in order to register for OLLI classes.
You can purchase your membership after January 1. Returning members can renew in the month of December.

Regular annual membership in UAF-OLLI costs $35 per person. This is your most economical choice if you plan to take fewer than 10 OLLI courses in a calendar year (January through December, including both spring and fall). You will pay $15 for each class you take.

Unlimited membership combines membership ($35) with unlimited classes for a calendar year ($150), for a total cost of $185. This is your most economical choice if you plan to take more than 10 OLLI courses in a calendar year.

Either type of membership can be combined with our "Sponsor an instructor" option: You pay an extra $35 to pay for the membership for one of our volunteer instructors.

Spring 2019 Registration Timeline:
  Jan. 7 - 22: Submit course requests on paper (use the form on p. 34 of the catalog), or online.
     Requests must be received by the OLLI office by NOON on Tuesday Jan. 22.
  Jan. 23: Lottery runs for over-enrolled courses; emails are sent telling what courses you got into
  Jan. 24 until start of class: remaining open seats filled first-come, first-served

How does the lottery work?
  If demand exceeds the number of seats for a course, the computer assigns those seats by lottery based on your priority rankings. (Don't panic! We expect this will affect <25% of our courses.)
Suppose enrollment is limited to 12. If 15 people list this course as their #1 choice, only those 15 will be put into the lottery for the 12 seats. If only 10 people list it as their first choice, all 10 would automatically get in and a lottery for the two remaining seats would be run from those who listed it as their 2nd choice.

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