Registration Instructions

Spring 2022 Registration opens 9:30 am Wednesday, January 12


On the day registration opens, you may enroll in up to 3 courses in Session I and 3 more in Session II.  Beginning the next day, you may enroll in as many courses as you wish. Session I Add-on classes count as Session I classes. Session II Add-on classes count as Session II classes.

 You must be a current member to register for classes. If you are trying to both purchase a membership and enroll, you will have to complete the membership transaction first, rather than doing both in the same transaction.

You can either register yourself online by logging into your OLLI account, or you can submit a paper form to the OLLI office. Paper forms are available in the back of the catalog or in the office. Mail or drop off the form to the OLLI office. On registration day, volunteers will enter your registrations. The OLLI office will contact you to let you know which classes you were enrolled in, although this may take a couple days after registration.



Don't want to register online? No problem! You can always submit a paper registration form. Drop it off at the OLLI office or mail it to:

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Box 758100, UAF

Fairbanks, AK 99775



1) Click here to UAF-OLLI’s registration site.

2) Log in. If you don’t know your username and/or password, click the link for “Forgot your password and/or username? Click here.” It will prompt you to enter your email address, and will then email your username and a link to reset your password to you.

3) Search for your desired course:
    a) Important things to know if you share an account with another OLLI member: (Skip this if you are the only person on your account.)
          i) The drop-down box under “View Courses for” appears to default to the name that occurs first in alphabetical order. After every registration, it will default back to that one name. Keep an eye on this so that you don’t accidentally register the wrong person. You will have an opportunity to remove any accidental or otherwise unwanted courses when you check out (see step #6).
          ii) If two people on the shared account want to take the same class together, select “All Contacts” in the “View Courses for” dropdown. If just one of you wants the course, select the name of the individual.     
    b) Under “Select Semester,” choose a semester. (Our Session I and Session II are separate semesters.) This is a required field.
    c) There are over 60 courses in each semester (session). To narrow the search results to a more manageable size, we recommend that you select a category in the “Topic” dropdown. (This is not a required field; you may search on the entire semester if you prefer.)
    d) We recommend that you leave the “Instructor” field on its default of “Any.”
    e) Under “Show” leave the default setting of “Courses.” (UAF-OLLI doesn’t use “Bundles.”)
    f) Click the blue “Search” bar.

4) Register: Scroll down through the list of courses until you find the one you want. Then click the blue “Register” button below the listing.
    a) If only one member name was selected under “View Courses for” on the left, then that one click will put the course into your shopping cart. You’ll get an “Acknowledgement” pop-up that lets you choose whether to Continue (i.e., register for more courses) or go to Checkout.
    b) For those with shared accounts who selected View Courses for “All Contacts”: Click to put a check mark beside the name of each student you want to enroll in that course. Then click the blue “Register” button. NOTE: If there is only one seat open in that course and you’ve selected two people, you’ll get a message telling you to choose just one student.

5) Go to Checkout when you are done adding courses to your shopping cart. You can do this several different ways:
      i) When the “Acknowledgement” pop-up comes up after registering for your last course, click on “Checkout” in that pop-up. OR
     ii) If you were registering two people at the same time in the last course, you won’t get a pop-up but will get a screen with a list of options under “I would like to . . .”. Click on “Checkout” in that list. OR
    iii) Click on the small blue shopping cart icon to the left of your name in the upper right of the screen.

6) Resolve any conflicts or registration cap issues.
      The system doesn’t check for schedule conflicts or decide whether your requests have exceeded the registration cap until you go to checkout.
      Remember that on the day registration opens, you can enroll in up to 3 courses in Session I and up to 3 more in Session II. Waitlisted seats count as part of your 3. Starting the next day, you can enroll in as many courses as you wish.
      If you have conflicts, a list will display at the top of the screen telling you which student and which courses are involved. Click the blue X in the leftmost column of the row for each course you want to remove. The conflict warnings at the top will update.

7) Select payment option for each course.
    a) The default is to pay in full with a credit card now. If you want to do that, you don’t have to change any settings.
    b) If you want to pay later, you must click the circle beside “Pay Later” in EVERY row. IMPORTANT NOTE: On the morning that registration opens, the computer system usually slows down. You may need to pause for 15 seconds or more after clicking each “Pay Later” button to give the computer time to catch up with you.

8) Continue to checkout.
    a) Read the payment and refund policy under “Terms of Use” and click the button beside “I have read and agree with the policies and procedures set forth.”
    b) Click the blue “Continue” button at the bottom.

9) Review your registrations & print if desired.
      You now see “Successful Items” in large print above a list of all courses you have registered for in this batch. (Look under “Status” in each row to see if you are registered or waitlisted.)
      If you want to print this list, click on the blue word “here” in “Click here for a printable page for your records” (near the top of the screen).
      Remember that the list you see and the printout will ONLY include courses registered in this checkout batch. If you have checked out separately for other courses, they won’t be on this list. OLLI staff can create a complete schedule for you; just ask us.

10) Log out.
    a) To the right of your name in the top right corner of the screen you’ll see a rectangle with a tiny icon of a gear inside. That is the Settings icon. When you hover over it, the entire rectangle will turn solid blue. Click that orange rectangle.
    b) Now you’ll see three orange boxes: “My Account,” “Change Password,” and “Log Out.” Click “Log Out.”

Want a tutorial on how to register online? Watch our video for step-by-step instructions. Please click the fullscreen option  (the square next to the 3 vertical dots) to view the video in its intended size.