Available Technologies

Opportunities for Near Term Commercialization

OIPC has filed for patent or will patent the following high impact technology in the next few months. These inventions have also demonstrated the ability to satisfy a market need:  

Other Available Technologies

The University of Alaska has over 50 research centers that span a wide variety of fields, including agriculture, biology, computing, fisheries, ocean science, geophysics, mineral science, energy, and engineering. Due to the wide variety of research at UAF, OIPC has a broad portfolio.

Biological, Chemical, and Medical Inventions

  • Sphingosine synthesis method for high enantioselectivity in the production of chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals
  • Microdialysis device for drug delivery
  • Induced hibernation methods and chemical compounds
  • Genotyping data and models for Alaskan wildlife

Risk Mitigation and Surveillance Apparatus, Methods, and Software

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Autonomous Underwater Systems
  • Method for Aerosol Detection for Volcanic Ash
  • Method for modeling volcanic ash plumes and software
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar method for mapping road conditions
  • Use of Light Imaging Detection and Ranging for Property Assessment
  • Fire spread prediction software

Remote Sensing Inventions

  • Acoustic sound source tracking and localization filters
  • Infrasound detection device and analytical software

Energy Generation Devices and Methods

  • Remote power system generation software and structure
  • River debris device for protection of hydrokinetic power generators
  • Hydrokinetic power generators
  • Portable wind power generators
  • Method of balancing electric loads within a household in emergencies
  • Methods for identifying and extracting lake bed methane

Sample Software

  • Mapping software and overlays Soil volume measurement software
  • Merger and acquisition interoperability software
  • Oral history data acquisition and management software
  • Language application


  • Soil stabilization method for road and runway construction using on-site material
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