Invention Disclosure

Reporting your invention

This will serve as a guide for those new to the technology transfer process here at UAF. Simply follow the steps below or contact our office at (907) 474-2605 If you have any questions.


So you have an invention...

  1. You will want to start by filling out a Confidential Invention Disclosure Form or by contacting our office at (907) 474-2605. This gets the ball rolling and allows our office to begin our evaluation process.
  2. If you have presented or published your invention or plan to in the near future please contact us. There are certain deadlines that have to be met or you risk losing your intellectual property.
  3. Once we have recieved and reviewed your IDF, we will schedule an intial meeting with you so that you can meet the team that will be handling your disclosure and discuss in more detail the process of protecting and commercializing your invention.
  4. Licensing a technology is often the most challenging step of the tech transfer process. Our office utilizes a variety of marketing methods in the licensing process.
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