For Inventors

Protecting Intellectual Property

The Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization ( OIPC ) helps faculty, staff, and student inventors at UAF by identifying new inventions, protecting them, and bringing them to market.  To find out more about OIPC ’s work with inventors, please download our Inventors’ Handbook.

Licensing Intellectual Property

After receiving a new invention disclosure, our team assesses and protects intellectual property so it may be strategically placed into the marketplace.   OIPC and Nanook Innovation Corporation (NIC), a non-profit research foundation which supports commercialization of UAF-created intellectual property, work together together to identify licensees and negotiate licensing terms.  You may find out more about NIC and the technologies they have available for licensing by visiting their website at

Creating New Companies

University inventors also have the opportunity to create companies based on their intellectual property.  OIPC works with Nanook Tech Ventures, a for-profit company, to accelerate these startups.  You may find out more about Nanook Tech Ventures and the start-up companies created to commercialize UAF-developed intellectual property by visiting

For more information about OIPC and its initiatives, please  contact us.

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