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The Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization provides a portal to the technologies, resources, and faculty expertise at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and facilitates a variety of academic-industry relations. It is our mission to facilitate the transfer of technology from university to industry. We are here to help you find a technology that meets your goals as well as fulfilling our roles as representatives of the University’s intellectual property.


New Technologies

We have provided you a list of some of the available technologies that are currently obtainable for licensing. For a list of opportunities for commercialization, please see our available technologies page. However, if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us at to inquire about our other technologies and research centers.


Working with University Researchers

OIPC can identify appropriate researchers based on your specific needs, arrange introductory meetings or conference calls, and interface with other administrative offices. When appropriate, a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be employed to handle the disclosure and receipt of confidential/proprietary information between Company representatives and University researchers. We can also help you select, very early in the process, the appropriate contract mechanism to achieve your goals within the necessary time-frame.


Intellectual Property from Industry Sponsored Research

UAF works with industry partners to find the best way to commercialize the technology. UAF does not require an assignment of any background intellectual property of the company to begin research and testing.

For jointly developed inventions, UAF requires that the intellectual property be held jointly. In this case, an industry partner retains the right to use and distribute the intellectual property non-exclusively, but has an option to purchase an exclusive license from UAF. If an exclusive license is desired, OIPC and the industry partner work together to protect the intellectual property.

For more information about our expertise and our research centers, please click here.


Intellectual Property Agreements

Only the Director of OIPC may sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and Licenses.

For Non-Disclosure Agreements, please see our NDA Page.

For the transfer of research materials, please see our Material Transfer Agreements Page.

For Licensing Information, please contact Adam Krynicki.

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