Information and Reminders


Travel over the summer:


If you travel outside the U.S. over the summer, please forward a copy of your electronic I-94 record when you return so that we may include it in your file. You may need all copies when applying for future immigration benefits. This applies to all travel outside the U.S.

Final Semester:

If you are registering for your final semester and you will be graduating - congratulations. If you wish to enroll less than full time, you need to receive approval before the end of late registration. Please have your academic advisor submit a request for below full time enrollment. Information is available on our Current International Student page.  (Final Semester Request for Reduced Course Load). Please note that a program extension may not be possible if you learn that this will not be your final semester, i.e., delays in defense or not passing a course.

Dealing with the cold:

Living in the Arctic can bring challenges and requires extra planning if you will be outside during the winter.  See this COLD document for information about the effect of wind chill, hypothermia and how to deal with injuries due to exposure to arctic cold.