Sample Major Unit Support Letter (Einstein Letter)

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RE: H -1 B Visa Petition on behalf of Dr. Albert Einstein

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is being submitted in support of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) H-1B petition for Dr. Albert Einstein (Beneficiary), who has been offered the position of Post Doctoral Fellow in the College of Natural Science and Mathematics, Physics Department at the UAF on a temporary basis in full-time status beginning January 1, 2020. 

This letter affirms that the UAF agrees to comply with all terms of the Labor Condition Application (LCA) until the end date.  Assuming our petition is approved, we fully intend to comply with all of the regulations regarding employment of individuals in H-1B status. We confirm that, in the event that Dr. Einstein is dismissed before the end of the period of authorized employment, UAF will be responsible for the reasonable cost of his/her return transportation abroad.

The Petitioner – University of Alaska Fairbanks
Established in 1917 as a nonprofit academic and research institution, UAF is a Land, Sea, and Space Grant university, an international center for research, education, and the arts, emphasizing the Circumpolar North and its diverse peoples. The University is recognized as a world leader in arctic research.

 In order to maintain this level of excellence, it is essential that UAF faculty and researchers be of the highest merit and ability. Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, UAF is committed to providing quality educational experiences for its students as it educates and prepares them for lifelong learning and careers in fields including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Liberal Arts, and Management.

The Professional and Specialty Occupation of the Position Offered
The University's Physics Department wishes to temporarily employ Dr. Einstein in the specialty occupation of Post Doctoral Fellow for a period of three years. The position of Post Doctoral Fellow requires a theoretical and practical application of specialized knowledge at an advanced level. The offered position requires the application of knowledge gained through completion of a (degree in the academic field, or a closely related field, or the equivalent). The beneficiary will be involved in (tailor to the beneficiary's credentials, i.e., what kind of research and/or other activities). The focus of this work will be (tailor to the beneficiary's credentials: non-technical description).

The Beneficiary
Dr. Einstein is a citizen of (country of citizenship) and is eminently qualified to fill the position of Post Doctoral Fellow. He/She is highly educated and trained, awarded the PhD from the University of XYZ (tailor to the beneficiary's credentials), going on to subsequent Post Doctoral research at the University of ABC (tailor to the beneficiary's credentials as applicable – or if first post-doc, omit). He/She has published widely and has substantial experience in (tailor to the beneficiary’s credentials as applicable or omit if nothing). In addition, he/she was employed as a xxx(faculty member, post-doc, etc.) at the University of LMN where he/she supervised independent research projects. Because of Dr. Einstein’s broad background in research (and teaching) in the area of (tailor to the beneficiary’s credentials), we believe he/she will make outstanding contributions to the university, enhancing UAF’s reputation as a leader in this area. Dr. Einstein’s background is critical to achieving the goals of the referenced project as well as other prospective projects that will also require his/her specialized skills and abilities.

Based upon Dr. Einstein's professional credentials, we wish to employ him/her as a Post Doctoral Fellow with research (teaching) responsibilities for the coming year, for which he/she will receive an annual salary of $1,000,000. Dr. Einstein will be eligible for all benefits available to other similarly situated employees.

Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter.


Dean or Director 
College/School or Research Institute