Fairbanks and the UAF campus is a safe environment as long as you stay focused, take precautions and are aware of your surroundings at all times.  Following are tips and information on safety and security on and off campus.

On-campus emergency telephones:

Emergency telephones are available outside several buildings and are clearly identified (yellow box, blue light on top).  These are dedicated 911 Emergency telephones and are clearly marked on the UAF campus map with stars or glowing circles.  All elevators have emergency call boxes and are also dedicated 911 emergency phones.  When you activate one of these phones, you will be immediately connected to the UAF police department and an officer will arrive at that site within a couple of minutes. Use these phones only for a real emergency.  From any other telephones on campus, dial 911 for all emergency services or 474-7721 for non-emergency services.

Off-campus emergencies – call 911 from any phone.

Security Escort Service:

The UAF police department offers a security escort service on campus for anyone who desires an escort for safety reasons.  This may be a person coming on foot or in a vehicle to provide assistance in getting to the on-campus destination safely. Telephone 474-7721 for assistance.

Wild animals: 

Avoid contact with all wild animals. Be especially careful not to get between a mother moose and her calf.  Moose are very protective of their young. Do not feed the moose or any other wild animals.

Reporting crimes: 

Crimes such as sexual assault, harassment, domestic violence, stalking, under age consuming of alcoholic beverages, operating a motorized vehicle while intoxicated are crimes in Alaska and are unacceptable at UAF.  They should be reported to the police (474-7721, or in the case of an emergency, 911).  If you are unsure of what to do, contact the Office of International Programs & Initiatives (215 Eielson), Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (110 Eielson), if you live in the residence halls your Residence Hall Director, or a trusted professor, teacher or colleague.  For more information about laws you should know and obey, see the Laws to Know page.

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