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The Academic System at UAF

The academic year at UAF is composed of two semesters that are approximately 15 weeks in length.  Summer courses may be scheduled during one or both of two consecutive sessions or they may bridge the entire summer session period beginning the middle of May and lasting through mid-August.

Credit Hours

The quantity of academic work a student completes at UAF is measured in “credits.”  The number of credits a course is assigned usually depends on the number of hours per week that it meets.  A “three-credit course” generally meets three hours each week for one semester.  At the end of the semester, students who have achieved passing grades in the course earn three credits.  Some courses, such a laboratory courses, may meet more hours but have few credits assigned.  The number of credits assigned to each course is in the class schedule and catalog.

Course Numbering System

Each course is designated with a number from 001-699.  Courses numbered 001-049 are career development courses intended to fulfill special needs of students or the community.  They are offered for continuing education units (CEUs) or for non-credit.  They do not count towards full-time enrollment.  Courses numbered 050-099 usually cover basic material and are intended to prepare students to enter 100-level college courses.  Preparatory courses count towards full-time enrollment when students need to strengthen skills in an area such as math or English before enrolling in higher level classes. 
Courses numbered from 100 through 499 generally correspond to years in college:  100-level courses are for first-year students (freshmen); 200-level for second year (sophomores); 300-level for third-year (juniors); and 400-level for fourth-year (seniors).  However, this is not strictly followed.  Students at one level may take courses numbered below or above their level.  The numbering system continues after the bachelor’s degree level with the 500-series reserved for professional development and 600-level designated graduate (master’s and PhD) level courses.

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