Program Extension Request Graduate

Request for Program Extension

Letter for graduate students

Print on appropriate UAF letterhead 



Current date

To: Reija Shnoro, Senior Student Immigration Advisor

From: Faculty Advisor’s Name

Re: Request for Program Extension – Graduate Student

Name of student:

Academic program (major): _________________________________________

Level (mark one): MA_______ MS_______ PhD_______

First semester of UAF attendance: Fall____ Spring____ Summer____ Year_____

Current I-20 program end date: ___________________

Project or Thesis defense required: Yes_____ No_____ 
If yes, anticipated date of defense:____________

Comprehensive examination required: Yes____ No____ 
If Yes, comprehensive exam taken: Passed____ Not passed____ Not taken yet____

If not taken, will be taken in conjunction with defense: Yes____ No____ 
If No, when will exam be taken:

New anticipated semester of program completion: Fall____ Spring____ Summer____ Year_____

The above-named student is in good standing and making normal and satisfactory progress towards the completion of his or her academic program.

Reason necessitating program extension: (Note: under immigration regulations, extensions must be due to compelling academic or medical reasons beyond the student’s control)