Getting Your SNN

International Students:

1.  To apply for your social security number you need to schedule an appointment with an advisor in International Programs & Initiatives. Before you make your appointment, you need to have a written employment offer letter in hand.  You will receive a letter that you must take to the Social Security office along with the completed social security application, your passport, I-94 and I-20.  A social security application will be provided to you during your meeting.

      Social Security Office
      Federal Building
      101 12th Ave
      Fairbanks, AK 99701
      To obtain your social security card application before your appointment with us, see this PDF.
      On Form SS-5, the section 3 box "Legal Alien Allowed to Work" should be marked.

2. After your application is accepted by the Social Security Office, ask for a letter of receipt and a copy of the accepted application form. Bring the letter of receipt and the application copy to your hiring department so that your payroll record can be activated.
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