Where We're From and Where We're Going!

Global Nanooks!

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a global community.   Every semester, our students set off around around the world to enhance their academic programs by experiencing life in a foreign setting.  Likewise, students, researchers, and faculty members come from around the world to contribute to learning, teaching, research,  and community service activities that are central to the university's mission.  In the process, they greatly enrich our campus and the experience of all of our students.

The map below shows where we're from and where we're going.  OurNanooks span the globe.  The map legend below explains what each of the symbols represent.  Each placemark corresponds to an individual student or scholar.  Try clicking the "Earth" view in the upper left-hand corner to gain a truly "global" perspective of our international community (you may be prompted to install the Google Earth browser plug-in).

Map Legend – A guide to the Map “Where We’re From and Where We’re Going!”

Each pin on the map represents one person - so you will see multiple pins for a single city if we have multiple students or scholars from that location.  This map is current for Spring 2012.

marks International Programs & Initiatives, located in room 215 of the Eielson Building, UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775.

marks the location of our outbound UAF exchange students.   These are UAF students who are studying at a university through one of our exchange or study abroad programs. Learn more about going on exchange or study abroad.

marks the home university of students who are have come from abroad to study at UAF for a semester or a year.   Students participating in Fulbright, IREX/Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program, and Canadian students participating in the National Student Exchange program are also represented by blue pins.  Learn more about attending UAF as an exchange student.

marks the hometown of students who have come from abroad to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree at UAF.  Learn more about studying at UAF as degree seeking student (UAF Admissions).

marks the hometowns of researchers and scholars who have come from abroad to UAF to conduct research and teach.

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