Personnel Changes

Since the approval of the project has been, to some degree, based on the participation or qualifications of the PI and other key personnel, the sponsor requires notification whenever there is to be a significant change in the level of participation in the awarded project by the Principal Investigator (PI). The sponsor has the option to either approve or disapprove of any proposed alternate plans related to the research.

A significant change in the level of participation may be defined as:

  • The PI not giving active direction of the project for a continuous period of time greater than three months, (e.g., on sabbatical leave), or
  • A change of 25% or greater in the level of committed effort, or
  • A withdrawal from the project.

For non-federal sponsors, review the specific award’s terms and conditions.

The request should be initiated on the AwaRe form. The program officer at the awarding agency must be notified in a letter signed by the PI and a UAF Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). The letter should detail the reason for the change in key personnel and provide the replacement PI's curriculum vitae. These requests must be made prior to implementing any changes. UAF will make the appropriate changes to award files and financial records once written approval has been received from the sponsor.

Specific Federal Agency Information For Significant Changes of Personnel or PI