No-Cost Extensions

If project work is on-going and funds remain available to cover project expenses, it may be appropriate to request an extension of the project period. Considerations include award terms, funding for committed effort on the project, timing, and approvals required.

Under the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP), UAF is authorized to approve a single no-cost extension (NCE) of up to 12 months on eligible federal grants, provided it notifies the sponsor that it has elected to take such an extension, explains why the extension is needed, and provides the notification at least 10 days before the expiration date specified in the award.

A formal request to the sponsor may be required if the sponsor is not a member of the FDP, is a non-federal sponsor, or if this is not the first NCE requested for an award. The award's terms and conditions apply.

If an NCE is needed, an AwaRE form will need to be submitted with the following award and extension justification information:

Award Information

  • Project Number
  • Award Number
  • Current Period of Performance
  • Requested Extension End Date

Justification for Extension

  • Brief reason for the extension, including the reason(s) the project was not completed within the original period of performance.
  • Brief summary of work to be accomplished during the extension period.
  • Amount of funds expected to be available on the current end date and the intended use during the extension period.
  • If applicable, any updated compliance documents (IRB/IACUC/IBC data).
  • The request will be submitted according to the procedures of the sponsoring agency. With some sponsors the request will be submitted through an online system, such as FastLane, NSSC, or eRA Commons. In other situations a request will be submitted via e-mail to the grants official. Please note that there are deadlines for submitting these requests, which will vary according to sponsor requirements.

If additional funding is required, this will still be prepared as an extension (i.e., a modification), but will not be no cost and will require an OGCA analyst to review your budget.