Proposal Development Services


                                             Proposal Development Services at OGCA

The Office of Grants and Contracts Administration (OGCA) supports the development and preparation of strategic, interdisciplinary proposals that have university-wide impact. We provide a range of services, from the strategic analysis of funding opportunities to writing and editing to logistical support and data collection.   

 The OGCA Approach to Proposal Development

 The OGCA works on projects of strategic importance to campus—you can consider us a key part of your team, and we are dedicated to your success! You can rely on OGCA to be responsive, respectful, and engaged throughout the proposal development process, and we expect the same from the PIs that we work with.

 OGCA offers a full suite of Research Development services. Our staff in OGCA can offer advice and help connect you with appropriate resources to complete your project. To do that, we require detailed information and ample lead time.


 During our initial conversation, we will ask about:
  • The funding agency and name/number of the funding opportunity announcement (FOA) or request for proposals (RFP)
  • Relevant deadlines
  • Reviewer feedback (if a resubmission)
  • Possible research team members and partner organizations
  • Other support staff (We work closely—and frequently— with research units across campus.)
  • The lay of the land – conversations you have had with the funding agency, with campus leadership, and with potential partners.
  • Once we determine how we can help, we will work with you to develop a plan and a timeline that works for both of us.


Open communication is one of our guiding principles, and we want to share our time-tested approach to making sure that we know what to expect from one another:


  • We will respond to one another promptly. Typically, you can except to hear back from us within 24 hours, and we hope you will show us the same courtesy.
  • We will develop internal timelines together, and we will meet them! If something alters progress toward our goals, we will let one another know.
  • We will work together to think through roles and responsibilities, and we will work together to develop checklists that spell out who does what. Then we’ll work from those lists. If the scope of work changes, we’ll talk about it. Because we work on multiple projects with multiple deadlines, we cannot always accommodate changes.
  • We invest ourselves in your success, and we track our impact on the campus research enterprise. We also request that PIs that work with us share the outcome of the project, including the sponsor’s funding decision and reviewer comments. This also assists us to ensure when the proposal is resubmitted we are addressing all reviewer comments. Once a proposal is awarded, OGCA can streamline the efforts for the PI and the department.


OGCA has a proven track record of success. Our team has extensive proposal development experience and broad subject matter expertise, and we work in partnership with campus PIs to identify opportunities, hone ideas, and create vibrant collaborate teams. We look forward to working with you to prepare a compelling, compliant, and successful proposal. 



 OGCA is a service unit, working with UAF faculty and other researchers to develop proposals in order to secure external funding. We:

  • Analyze the Request for Application (RFA); comparing the draft proposal to RFA for alignment and completeness
  • Edit, including re-writing as appropriate (non-technical/programmatic)
  • Write the non-programmatic sections; broader impacts, data management plans, etc.
  • Provide detailed review of supplementary documents for compliance with sponsor formats and content, such as biosketches and letters of support, as well as assembling documents
  • Develop checklists and establish timelines
  • Coordinate pre-submission peer review (future service)
  • Provide logistical support and access to other available resources (science writers, graphic artists, budget specialists, biostatisticians, data management plan expertise and more) within UAF



With the exception of publicly available information, OGCA staff maintain strict confidentially in the services that we provide to the research community. In general, OGCA does not share material, including proposal documentation and all associated files (including correspondence, budgets, design files, etc.) that we review or develop, or proposal-related information in internal and external systems, unless we have written consent from the project PI.

 There are important exceptions to this practice. OGCA staff may share materials internally for input, advice, and record keeping. OGCA may also contact sponsors or administrative and/or departmental offices at the university to seek information and advocate on behalf of the PI, or research issues pertaining to the review/development of the proposal, with/without consent from PI.