Create new EAP

  1. Navigate to the main directory webpage.
  2. Go down to bottom and click on the @ symbol to login into OU Campus.
  3. After logged in go up to blue navigation bar, under "Content", select "Pages".
  4. Go down the file list until "EAP_template.pcf" is found.
  5. Make a copy of this file. To do this hover over the name of the file then slide over to "File", select "Copy".
  6. After copy is made. Look for the file now named "EAP_template-1.pcf". 
  7. Rename the file to the building name. Using only lowercase and dashes for spaces. To rename the file hover over the file name, slide over to "File", select "Rename".
  8. It is now ready to be edited. Click on "Edit" or the file name.
  9. Look for the green button in the content area called "Main Content". Click it. Now do the edits.
  10. Click on the "Save and exit" icon which looks like a floppy disk.
  11. Make sure the light bulb next to the green button named "Publish" has turned yellow. If it has not just click it.
  12. Go to the grey button "Properties". 
  13. Make sure the side navigation has "Parameters" in black. Add the building name to  "Title", "Page Heading", and "Breadcrumb".
  14. Now click on the green button "Publish" to comit the file. Making it live.
  15. Now add a link to the newly created file/page to the main directory webpage.