In the UAF Ph.D. in NRS, we build on the existing strengths of SNRAS and SOM faculty members to educate students in specific areas, while training them to be conversant in the broader range of relevant topic areas.


SNRAS Faculty

Valerie A. Barber: Assistant Research Professor of Forest Sciences, Director, UAF Sitka Forest Products Program.

Specializations: Forest Products

Kenneth A. Barrick: Associate Professor of Geography.

Specializations: Physical Geography. Teaching Responsibilities: Geography

Matthew Cronin: Research Associate Professor of Animal Genetics.

Specializations: Animal Genetics

Cary W. de Wit: Associate Professor of Geography.

Specializations: Cultural Geography. Teaching Responsibilities: Geography

Greg L. Finstad: Instructor and Program Manager, Reindeer Research Program.

Specializations: Reindeer Husbandry.

Peter J. Fix: Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation Management.

Specializations: Outdoor Recreation Management. Teaching Responsibilities: Outdoor Recreation Management

John D. Fox: Associate Professor of Land Resources Management.

Specializations: Forest Hydrology. Teaching Responsibilities: Hydrology, Forest Management, Ethics

Hans Geier: Research Instructor and Extension Resource Economist.

Specializations: Natural Resource Economics

Joshua Greenberg : Associate Professor of Resource Economics.

Specializations: Natural resource economics, fisheries policy, community impacts, bio-economic modeling. Teaching Responsibilities: Natural Resource Economics, Regional sustainability and resilience

Norman R. Harris: Assistant Professor of Range Management.

Specializations: Range Science/Management. Teaching Responsibilities: Range Management/GIS

Patricia S. Holloway: Professor of Horticulture & Director, Georgeson Botanical Gardens.

Specializations: Horticulture. Teaching Responsibilities: Horticulture

Glenn P. Juday: Professor of Forest Ecology.

Specializations: Forest Ecology. Teaching Responsibilities: Conservation Biology

Meriam G. Karlsson: Professor of Horticulture.

Specializations: Horticulture. Teaching Responsibilities: Plant Science

Gary Kofinas : Associate Professor of Resource Policy and Management.

Specializations: Community resilience, co-management. Teaching Responsibilities: Integrated Assessment/Adaptive Management

Jingjing Liang: Assistant Professor of Forestry.

Specializations: Natural Resources Management, Wildland Fire Economics and Management, Climate Change, Forest Growth and Yield. Teaching Responsibilities: Forest Management, Research Methods, Biometrics

Julie Lurman : Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Law.

Specializations: Natural Resources Policy and Law. Teaching Responsibilities: Natural Resources Policy and Law

Jenifer Huang McBeath: Professor of Plant Pathology/Biotechnology.

Specializations: Plant Pathology. Teaching Responsibilities: Plant Pathology

Anthony T. Nakazawa: Professor of Economics.

Chien-Lu Ping : Professor of Soil Sciences.

Specializations: Soil Chemistry, Soil Genesis and Classification. Teaching Responsibilities: Soil Science

Scott T. Rupp: Associate Professor of Forestry.

Specializations: Forest Ecology/ Management. Teaching Responsibilities: Forest Mensuration

Mike Sfraga : Director, UA Geography Program & Assistant Professor of Geography.

Specializations: Geography. Teaching Responsibilities: Geography

Milan Shipka: Professor of Animal Science & Extension Livestock Specialist. S

pecializations: Animal Science. Teaching Responsibilities: Animal Science

Jeffrey Smeenk: Assistant Professor of Horticulture & Horticulture Extension Specialist.

Specializations: Horticulture

Juan Andres Soria: Assistant Research Professor of Wood Chemistry, SNRAS/AFES.

Specializations: Bio-fuels, Bio-products, Forest Products

Elena B. Sparrow: Research Associate Professor of Resources Management.

Specializations: Science Education/Outreach. Teaching Responsibilities: Science Education

Stephen D. Sparrow, Jr.: Associate Dean, SNRAS, & Professor of Agronomy.

Specializations: Soil Science, Agronomy. Teaching Responsibilities: Soil Science

Sidney Stephens: Research Instructor of Science Education.

Susan Todd: Associate Professor of Resource Planning.

Specializations: Resource Planning, Conflict Resolution. Teaching Responsibilities: Natural Resources Management, Resource Planning

David Valentine: Associate Professor of Forest Soils.

Specializations: Forest Soils, Nutrient Cycling. Teaching Responsibilities: Nutrient Cycling

David L. Verbyla: Professor of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Natural Resources.

Specializations: Remote Sensing, GIS. Teaching Responsibilities: GIS

John A. Yarie: Professor of Silviculture.

Specializations: Forest Ecology. Teaching Responsibilities: Forest Ecology, Silviculture

Mingchu Zhang: Assistant Professor of Agronomy.

Specializations: Soil Science, Agronomy. Teaching Responsibilities: Soil Science


SOM Faculty

Greg Goering: Professor of Economics.

Specializations: Industrial Organization, Mathematical Economics, Microeconomic Theory. Teaching Responsibilities: Mathematical Economics.

Mark Herrmann : Dean School of Management and Professor of Economics.

Specializations: Fisheries Economics, Econometric Modeling, Markets. Teaching Responsibilities: Economic Background for Regional Resilience and Adaptation

Joe Little: Assistant Professor of Economics.

Specializations: Non-Market Valuation, Forestry Economics, Alternative public land management. Teaching Responsibilities: Microeconomics, Resource Economics

Mike Pippenger: Associate Professor of Economics.

Specializations: International Economics, Time Series Econometrics, Macroeconomics. Teaching Responsibilities: Microeconomics

Doug Reynolds: Associate Professor of Economics.

Specializations: Energy economics, Energy project modeling, Oil and Natural Gas. Teaching Responsibilities: Resource Economics

Branka Valcic : Assistant Professor of Economics.

Specializations: Marine Resource Economics and Policy, Spatial Econometrics, GIS. Teaching Responsibilities: Econometrics, Integrated Assessment and Adaptive Management, Resource Economics



Keith Criddle: Specializations: bioeconomic Modeling, Maring Policy, Time Series Analysis. Teaching Responsibilities: Econometics, Marine Policy.

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