Course Descriptions

The core courses are provided below, followed by presentation of courses by thematic area.


Required Core Courses

Beyond the core requirements, individual student programs will be determined by student graduate committees in consultation with students and tailored to the student’s academic interest.

NRM/ECON 694: NRS PhD Seminar

All first-year/second semester Ph.D. students of the program participate in this course, to explore emerging resource and environmental policy issues of Alaska and the circumpolar north. Students are required to enroll in this course for one additional semester later in their program (as determined by their committee).

NRM/ECON/BIO/ANTH 647: Regional Sustainability

Explores the concepts and key issues of sustainability, resilience, and adaptation of human-environment relations as they pertain to natural resource and environmental management, policy, and economics. Required course year 1 of student’s program.

NRM/ECON/ BIO/ANTH 649: Adaptive Management and Integrated Assessment

Methods in the analysis of social and ecological dynamics for policy making are investigated . Required Course year 1 of student’s program


Other Relevant courses by Thematic Area

These are provided as an indication of the breadth and depth of courses available to students at UAF within each of the thematic areas. They are neither required nor is this a comprehensive list, and students are encouraged to cross thematic areas or select courses in other related disciplines in their course selection.

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