Need to conduct a poll? Try Google Forms

July 26, 2021

University Relations

Google Forms, one of the many collaborative tools within the UA Google Workspace, is a free alternative to Survey Monkey. Sending surveys using Google Forms is easy, thanks to an intuitive interface that helps users create professional-looking surveys with options to embed videos and images and to add custom logic. The efficiency of Google Forms can save hours of work. 

Data gathered from Google Forms automatically transfers into Google Sheets, allowing for streamlined analysis of survey data. Survey responses have automatic summaries. Forms allow responses from outside the UA Google Workspace, so surveys can be sent to virtually any user. Privacy settings allow the form owner to control who views the form and who can have edit access. Plus, each form can handle up to 2 million cells of data.

To try Google Forms, select the purple Forms icon from within the waffle on the upper right of your Google Workspace landing page . You can also visit the Google Forms start page and select the + sign or start your Google Forms experience with one of the templates found in the template gallery.

Questions about Google Forms? Visit Google Forms for more information.