Department of Music

Master of Arts Degree in Music

In accordance with the philosophy of the National Association of Schools of Music, the primary purpose of a Department of Music is to provide the best possible environment for musical training; one that fosters an understanding of the arts for students and an attitude of respect for their potential contribution to society. The program recognizes the diversity of backgrounds of students beginning with post-baccalaureate study and the need for flexibility in a graduate program. Although standards are necessary to ensure some uniformity of purpose, content and achievement in specific curricula, as well as innovation and carefully planned experimentation are encouraged. Finally, the program stresses the need to develop musical breadth and competency, and the desirability of developing one or two areas of specialization for all graduate students.

The Goals of Graduate Study in Music

Artistic performance, competence in composition of music, or excellence in research is the basis of requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Music.

For the performance major, graduate courses include research into pedagogy concerned with his or her area of specialization, historical research into the musical literature of the instrument or voice, and theoretical analysis of works in the field of specialization. The Department does not offer instrumental instruction in all areas. Graduate level instruction is offered in the following areas: piano, woodwinds, voice, strings, brass and percussion.

A normal plan of advancement is expected of those registered as graduate students, this plan being formulated under the advisement of the coordinator of graduate studies and the student's major professor. Only those well advanced in technique and in professional maturity will be granted the degree.

Curriculum Requirements

The specific curriculum requirements for the M.A. Degree in Music may be seen by visitng the following link.

Application  Procedure.

Online Application form.

Send supporting materials (as indicated below) to:

Chair, Department of Music, P.O.Box 755660, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK 99775-5660

Applicants interested in Music Performance should submit a DVD that includes a minimum of four unedited recent performances. Examples should show the applicant performing as both a soloist and in a small chamber setting if possible. Applicants will be auditioned again inperson upon arrival on campus.