Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline

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Date: January 18, 2020-September 13, 2020

Time: 9:00-5:00 p.m.

Location: Special Exhibits Gallery

“Matanuska Ammonites” by Ray Troll
“Matanuska Ammonites” by Ray Troll

Take a walking tour of the museum and Alaska’s fossil coastline. Discover our natural history collections along-side original art by Ray Troll and Gary Staab. 

"Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline” is based on the eponymous book by Troll and paleontologist Kirk Johnson and is organized by the Anchorage Museum with support from Lynden Inc.

"Gastornis Sculpture" by Gary Staab
"Gastornis Sculpture" by Gary Staab

This traveling exhibition focuses on Troll and Johnsons Alaska fossil adventures and the remarkable stories that fossils reveal:

  • the history of life on Earth, punctuated by killer asteroids and mass extinctions.
  • the ancient geology of prehistoric Alaska.
  • the long-vanished grassland of Alaska’s mammoth steppe.
  • the 13-foot-tall mega-bear of the Pleistocene.
  • the mystery surrounding the Liscomb Bonebed, a mass “grave” of hundreds of duckbill dinosaurs.

"Cruisin the Fossil Coastline"

Additional artwork by Ray Troll is on display at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.