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We host online webinars for educators so we can demonstrate activities and answer any questions you might have about the activity or phenomena we are exploring.

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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Webinar - 1/26/18

NASA Jan 31 lunar eclipse article
NASA lunar eclipse video explanation
NISEnet Solar Eclipse activity
NISEnet Bear's Shadow activity
NASA live footage

Parker Solar Probe
4/30/18 - We presented three activities about the sun to the Alaska Afterschool Network in preparation for the launch of the Parker Solar Probe in late July 2018. Below are links to download the activity guides. These guides highlight a few Dimensions within the DoS framework (a handy tool for planning STEAM activities) which you can learn more about and download a copy here. There is no archived video for this webinar, but view the activities below!

Activity guides:
NISEnet Objects in Motion 
Pinhole Viewer
Corona Art

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