Student Tests


  • Navigate to the desired test by scrolling down the page.
  • Each test has a series of documents for the Pre and Post tests.
  • Pre Test is the test to be administered to students before teaching the module.
  • Pre Key contains the answers for grading the Pre Test.
  • Pre Score Sheet is an Excel file used to input the student's scores for submission to MCC. See a sample. When you have finished grading a test with the Test Key type in the student's information and scores for each answer and then e-mail the Test Score Sheet to
  • Post Test files follow the same instructions, though should be administered after teaching the module to your students.
  • For further instructions please view the Instructions to the Treatment Teachers (PDF)
  • For instructions on filling out Test Scoresheets please view the Test Score Sheet Sample (PDF)


Some versions of Microsoft Excel display the following message when attempting to open the MCC scoresheets.

It is safe to trust these files as they are locally controlled at the MCC Office. They do not contain viruses. Please click "yes" to continue using the test scoresheet.