Frequently Asked Questions

The questions on this page are some of MCC's most commonly asked questions. To see the answer to a question, simply click it.


General questions.


Who should I contact for general questions about MCC?

I don't see my question answered on this FAQ. Who should I contact?

Who should I contact if I have feedback about your website?

Workshop related questions.


I’m interested in attending an MCC workshop, who do I talk to or where can I get more information?

I have questions about travelling to and from a workshop, who should I talk to?

Course related questions.


Are you offering any courses currently?

How do I get University of Alaska Fairbanks credit for participating in MCC?

How many credits can I earn for MCC courses?

What do I need to do to earn credits for MCC courses?

What exactly is E-Live?

Who teaches your E-Live courses?

Who should I talk to for more information about a course?

Can Instructional Aides receive credit?

Questions about MCC modules.


How many modules does MCC have?

What comes with a module?

What do I do if I am interested in getting a module?

What grade levels do the modules cover?

What math topics are covered in the modules?

Questions about assessments.


I’m teaching a module – do I need to test?

Which tests should I give my students?

Who should I send the tests to?

One of my students needed to stop taking the test before it was completed, what should I do?

Why do treatment teachers need to test students on a module they are not teaching?

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