Linguistics Program

Undergraduate Study in Linguistics

The UAF Linguistics Program offers both a major and a minor in linguistics.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in linguistics is built around a core curriculum of language classes and linguistic theory classes, plus an additional six courses in subfields of linguistics.

Language Classes
Study two different languages (other than English): 4 semesters of one language and 2 semesters of the second. UAF offers courses in many different languages.

European Languages: French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, Spanish
Asian Languages: Chinese, Japanese
Alaska Native Languages: Inupiaq, Yupik, Gwich'in, Koyukon

If you're already studying language, you may be well on the way to a linguistics degree!

Core Linguistics Classes
The core foundation in linguistics requires completion of the following six courses:

LING 101 -- Nature of Language
          an overview
LING 318 -- Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
          sounds and sound patterns in language
LING 320 -- Introduction and Morphology
          the structure of words
ENG 318 -- Modern English Grammar
          the structure of the English language
LING 420 -- Semantics
           A systematic exploration of the nature of meaning in human language
or LING 430 -- Historical Linguistics
          the evolution of languages and genetic relationships between languages
LING 482 -- Seminar in Linguistics
          advanced topics

The remaining six courses required for the degree can be chosen from a wide variety of topics in linguistics, including:

Language & Culture
Language & Gender
Language Acquisition
The Nature of Meaning
Alaska Native Languages
Second Language Teaching
Language Policy