Friends of LARS - Sponsor Wall

Close up of muskox eye.UAF’s Large Animal Research Station is one of the hidden jewels of Fairbanks. Locals and visitors come year-round to view the muskoxen and reindeer that we tend for nutritional, physiological and behavioral research. Please help us continue to provide this unique opportunity.

As you know, the University of Alaska’s budget has been shrinking. Here at LARS, we have tightened our belts even while striving to improve our facility and program. We want to avoid a reduction in the herd and to maintain the staff needed to provide these animals with the best possible care. We are asking for your help!

Concept drawing of sponsor stand.
Concept drawing of sponsor stand. We are using the footings from the old information boards that were near the gate.

Hardluck Studios will professionally paint a name of your choosing on a preserved piece of weathered siding from an original barn on the Yankovich Road property. The name can recognize a person, business, family, etc. (For business recognition, only the business name may be displayed, no call to action may be displayed.) The signs are $435 and will be displayed near the entrance and summer gift shop at LARS.

The sign cost is $135, and we ask for an additional $300 donation to benefit the areas of greatest need at LARS. We kindly ask you to renew your generous support on an annual basis ($300) to maintain your recognition.

Sign in construction progress.
Sign stand with old hay elevator and crane fixed in place. The "Friends of LARS" slogan will be painted on a piece of roofing tin from the original barn.

Roger Black, owner of Hardluck Studios in nearby Goldstream Valley, has begun building a sculptural stand to hold 100 signs.

If interested in becoming a donor please contact Sarah Barcalow at


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