Chinese Language and Culture at UAF

The UAF Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures does not offer Chinese language on the main campus however, UAF's Community and Technical College ( does offer a 2-year curriculum which meets the needs of students pursuing this important world language. These courses include Elementary Chinese (CHNS 101 & 102), and Intermediate Chinese (CHNS 201& 201). These four courses are designed to provide the students with a variety of sentence patterns and a solid foundation in Chinese grammar to prepare them to further develop their language proficiency.

With China emerging as a world economic power and the second largest trading partner of the U.S. after Canada, Chinese will continue to be a valuable language to know far into the future for students of business, political science, history and other disciplines.

Are you interested in linguistics studies? The knowledge of Chinese will inspire fresh insights into human languages. 

Credits in Chinese language courses may be used to meet:

1.       the Perspectives on the Human Condition section of the Baccalaureate core requirements

2.       the minor requirements for Asian Studies.  

Chinese Cultural Experience at UAF

Students in Chinese class are encouraged to participate in the campus-wide Chinese New Year’s celebration every spring. The students usually do a short skit in Chinese or learn and then perform a Chinese dance at the celebration.

A Chinese opera film is shown every spring to expose students to Chinese theatrical art.

Trip to China

It is the intention of the instructor to organize a trip to China every three or four years to provide the students with an opportunity to experience the culture and the language first hand. This trip is open to all students at UAF.

For questions about Chinese classes at UAF, please contact Rosalind Kan at

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