Meet your Spanish Instructor

Office: Gruening 606C
Phone: 907-474-7980

Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
2:00-3:00 pm  by zoom

  • M.A. Applied Linguistics, University of Alaska Fairbanks (2012)  
  • B.A. Foreign Languages, University of Alaska Fairbanks (2010)   
  • B.A. History, California State University, Fresno (1992)

“By teaching, we learn.” In my 20+  years of teaching in Alaska, these words are not only true in meaning, but a great exercise in linguistic / grammatical analysis...Since Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and derived directly from the vulgar Latin, DOCENDO, looks a lot like a gerund noun or progressive verb form (-ENDO ...or -iendo / -yendo) and DISCIMUS has the ring of a verb with the first person, plural ending (-MUS...or -mos in Spanish...denoting “we”).  Even though this nerd speak is boring to most of you, I thrive on it and absolutely love learning new things in all languages!  

As you can see above, language learning is high on my list of interests.  But I am not defined by my career choice.  I absolutely love the Great Land and the University of Alaska Fairbanks!  In my 27 or so years living here, I have learned how to nordic ski, cook a whole pig on a barbecue in freezing temperatures, build a log cabin, brew beer, fix the small engines I have broken, hang/mud/tape/sand drywall, and figure out how to best deliver my classes to our students. My latest endeavor is creating and refining our online offerings in Spanish.  I do not agree with the masses who believe you cannot learn a second language in an online environment. 

Finally, in my “spare time,” I tutor and teach courses in English as a second language through the local Literacy Council, am a board member of Enlaces (a statewide latino advocacy group), a certified official for biathlon, a master ski waxer, coordinator of UAF’s collaborative effort with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)- rincón cultural, a member of a UA-wide scholarship committee, a faculty adviser, and always happy to help others.