• Start your career in justice now

    Justice Program

    Start your career in justice now

Small Campus Initiative

Want to increase your enrollments?
Would you like to have a Justice Degree or Justice Concentration but can't invest in establishing a department?
Do you want your students to develop their interest in law enforcement, courts, corrections or law school?
Do your students want to find lucrative and satisfying employment after graduation?

We are reaching out to small campuses who do not offer Justice to make this  popular course of study available to your students. Justice is a degree that can lead to satisfying careers in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, probations and parole, so if you answered YES to the questions above, then contact UAFʼs Justice Department to bring online justice courses to your campus. The UAF Justice Department offers all the justice courses you need to develop a degree or concentration in Justice entirely ONLINE. A BA in Justice is also an excellent choice for your students who are interested in law school!

For more information about how to get started contact Mike Daku and the UAFJustice Department

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