Restorative Justice


UAF’s Restorative Justice Initiative specializes in helping people through these crises. The program is a collaborative effort by the UAF Justice Department and Alaska Court System to introduce a pretrial system for certain nonviolent offenders. The program is led by Rob Duke, Ph.D., a former police officer and the program coordinator in the UAF Justice Department, and his interns.

JUST F340 Rural Justice in Alaska

Application of the western justice system to remote northern Native villages including issues arising from cultural conflicts, difficulties associated with a centralized justice system serving distant roadless communities, the federal/Indian relationship, and a description of crime occurring in the villages.
Prerequisites: JUST F110 and junior standing.

JUST F453 Comparative Criminology

The justice program focuses on the American Justice System with an emphasis in restorative processes, alternative dispute resolution, and Alaska justice. This course focuses on the development of philosophy and law and the historical and modern practice of justice throughout the world. Prerequisites: Comm. 131x or Comm. 141x;Just. 110; Just. 251 or
permission of instructor.