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Daniel Dykes

Daniel Dykes

Daniel Dykes first got interested in neuroscience as he watched doctors on the fictional TV program “House.” Now he’s studying the topic at UAF and plans to eventually earn both a doctorate and a medical degree.

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Haley Castillo

Profile: Haley Castillo

UAF offered the perfect combination for Haley Castillo: a homeland security bachelor’s degree program, courses in aircraft piloting and a top-ranked rifle team. So the young woman from New Mexico headed north.

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Cameron Blood sites in the alumni lounge and smiles at the camera

Profile: Cameron Blood

When Cameron Blood finished high school in Seattle, his grandparents encouraged him to broaden his horizons.

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Cyan Woodward

Profile: Cyan Woodward

Cyan Woodward has been fascinated by geology her whole life. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis — “I was interested in learning the mechanisms behind them,” she said.

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Michael Martins

Profile: Michael Martins

Michael Martins didn’t know how to play the piano when he first arrived at UAF, but an old out-of-tune instrument in Bartlett Hall intrigued him. Things snowballed from there.

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Ruth Nashookpuk

Profile: Ruth Nashookpuk

Like other painters, Ruth Nashookpuk uses canvas as a foundation. But when she’s done, Nashookpuk can lace up her work and apply it to her other passion: basketball.

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