Evaluation and Reporting

We offer the following resources for our faculty and staff as they are compiling, analyzing, and writing up summaries of the activities, evaluations, and impacts relevant to Extension work. We welcome your feedback about these pages. 

Assessment Tools
multiple choice evaluation
 We have posted several workshop assessment tools that you can use to gather feedback from clients.

Please browse and choose what best fits your needs. 

Logic Models
example logic model
 Several peer institutions offer some background information on using Logic Models including articles with suggestions on using models and targeting outcomes.
Impact Statements
clip art two people talking
 Please visit our page on impact statements for advice on how to write them as well as for several examples of completed statements.ยป
Social Media
pile of computer mice
 This page contains information on best practices and data mining methods for a variety of social media including Facebook, blogs, Pinterest, videos and more.
Reporting Forms
reporting files
 We offer electronic files that can be used to make reports easier to share with others. There are separate forms for recording workloads, tenure reviews, etc.
Example Reports
the word samples written on a chalk board
 We have uploaded several example reports to read that can give you an idea of how our Extension peers have written up their activities.
Program Evaluation
graphic of clipboard with green check mark
 The University of Wisconsin Extension (UWEX) and others offer several helpful links and articles regarding how to effectively conduct useful program evaluation.
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
art of man holding paper and pen
 Is your data collection related to research and not just internal evaluation? Do you want to be able to publish your results? The resources here will help you navigate the IRB process.