Director's Welcome

Byron Bluehorse

Interim Director

Interior Alaska Campus

Welcome to the Interior Alaska Campus.  The Interior Alaska Campus (IAC) was established to support and deliver higher education to the communities of the Interior Alaska.  We pride ourselves on our ability to offer relevant and applicable coursework to students, whether they are rural or urban based, and our ability to work with a diverse group of students. 

Beyond providing University of Alaska core degree requirement courses, IAC administers many degree programs, which were developed to meet the unique needs of rural Alaskans.  The Rural Human Services Program caters to village based human service providers, the Tribal Management Program works with partners across Alaska to deliver much sought after information and services to Alaska ‘s tribal government and community employers.  The Construction Trades Technology Program teaches a wide range of Alaskan building practices, in particular as they relate to the northern climate.  The Wildland Fire Science Program allows interested individuals to earn their Red Card, improve their wildland fire credentials, and potentially be a part of the UAF Nanook Wildland Fire Crew. 

All of IAC’s administered programs have a common theme, to be community driven and culturally responsive.  This theme is built upon the core values of our organization: Relevant, Innovation, Integrity and Adaptive.      

Our organization believes in putting communities and students first.  Our faculty and staff are available to assist anyone who is looking to take higher education courses.  Whether you want to take a one credit art class, or a two year associate degree, our personnel are here to work for you on a one-on-one basis.  Education should not come with process barriers, and as such our staff and faculty are highly skilled in navigating and supporting individuals to achieve their educational goals.