Prospective Honors Students

Who Are UAF Honors Students?

Our students are world changers and problem solvers. They’re eager to make a difference and tackle tough issues like climate change. They have grit, resilience and a spirit of adventure that they bring to everything they do.

Honors students come from big cities and rural communities. They come from Alaska, the Lower 48 and all over the world. They pursue all different majors and all types of research.

Together, our students are part of a larger community that finds strength in diversity, is dedicated to supporting and encouraging one another, and values the unique perspectives and contributions of each individual. We invite you to find out more and get involved.

Honors students in their graduation regalia holding deploma covers

Why Become an Honors Student?

The Honors College is about creating opportunities for success. We’ll help you identify internships, research opportunities and extracurricular activities that will best fit your interests and needs. We’ll connect you with service organizations where you can get involved in a meaningful way and make an impact. We’ll also help you select international experiences that will meet your academic goals and broaden your horizons.

Here are some of the opportunities you’ll enjoy as an Honors student at UAF.

Climate Scholars Program

  • The first opportunity of its kind in the nation, the Climate Scholars Program gives Honors students the chance to impact climate science and policy, in Alaska and around the globe.

Research and experiential learning

  • Focusing on actionable science and community engagement, UAF’s Honors College offers unique site-based, experiential learning and research opportunities in the heart of Alaska.

Tailored academic programming

  • As an Honors student, you can chart your own path and tailor a course of study that aligns with your vision, interests and career goals.

Honors scholarships and grants

  • The Honors College awards approximately $50K each year in scholarships, and also offers a variety of research and travel grants.

Mentoring and advising

  • Tell us what you’re interested in studying and we’ll connect you with the resources you need to succeed, and provide ongoing mentoring and support.

Small classes and priority registration

  • Honors students benefit from smaller classes, closer interaction with faculty and peers, and get priority registration for classes.

The Honors House

  • Located in the heart of campus, the Honors House is a comfortable place to gather with friends, study, cook and even do laundry.




Explore Scholarships and Research Funding for Honors Students

As an Honors student, you may be eligible for extra financial assistance to help with tuition, research projects and more. The Honors College offers $50,000 in scholarships each year as well as numerous research and travel grants.

There are also many more scholarship opportunities available through UAF — including the Nanook Pledge, a four-year merit scholarship for incoming first-year, transfer and readmitted UAF students with awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.