Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to Honors

Q: When can I apply to the Honors Program?

A: Starting Fall 2012, the Honors Program will only open the application for our program in time with the UAF class registration period. The application will open the first day of registration and close on the last day to pay fees.

Honors Email List Serve

Q: What is the Honors Email List Serve, and how do I become part of it?

A: It is through the List Serve that we communicate with our students. We announce Honors events, job opportunities, scholarships, and much more. Subscribe to the List Serve by clicking here and following the instructions provided under the Subscribing to Honors-L heading.

Honors students are encouraged to post to the List to announce Honors study groups, student orientated and lead events, etc. Just email the Honors Program with your request or announcement.

Thesis Completion Time

Q: How long will it take to complete my Capstone Thesis?

A: The number of semesters required is not specified as of now, but since HONR 498 (research) and 499 (thesis) are both required, the number of semesters, minimally, is two. Transfer students and Seniors are highly encouraged to speak to our director prior to Honors Program admission.

Given this, students get started early on from the Freshman year by taking HONR 381 and 382; Capstone Development courses. Ideally, we would like students to complete their theses by the Junior year, unless otherwise directed, as we see in Engineering.

This experience is a scholarly activity to be worked on and savored over a 2-3 year time frame. If students show no intent to engage by the beginning of their Junior year, either in taking Honors Courses or initiating Thesis research, they will be queried and possibly placed into inactive status.

Honors Online Documents not Working

Q: I am unable to view documents, forms, etc. pertaining to the Honors Program, what is wrong?

A: Most commonly, you are not signed into your email account. If you try viewing Honors documents in your gmail, hotmail, etc. account, you will not be able to access the document. This is a security measure from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in order to protect your personal information. First try signing into your email account UAF supplies you with. If you still have problems, email us at

UAF Letter Re: Honors Eligiblity

Q: I have recieved a letter from the University saying I am eligible for the Honors Program. Am I automatically accepted?

A: No. The Honors Program requires a separate application to be submitted. You can find it by going to our homepage and clicking on the application link. Sign in using your email account, or the application will not work.

House Concerns

Q: If I have a concern about the House or the rules, is there someone I can talk to about it?

A: Yes! The Honors staff and the Honors Faculty Advisory Council are always happy to talk with you. If you would rather talk to a student, a member of the Honors Student Advisory Council would be a great point of contact. If you would like, you may request your name be kept confidential. We strive to make the Honors House a welcoming environment for everyone.

Eligiblity Requirements

Q: I do not meet the eligiblity requirements, but I am close to meeting them and I feel that I would be a dedicated Honors student. Can I still apply?

A: If you feel that you would like to be an Honors student, but don't meet the requirements, please contact us by email (, or by calling (907)-474-6612. We will respond to you within the next 48 hours. If it is during scheduled University breaks, please allow for extra response time.

Honors Housing

Q: Do Honors students have special on-campus housing?

A: No. Honors students still need to apply to UAF Residence Life Housing for on campus accomodations. The Honors House is a day use facility only.

Honors Academic Probation

Q: I am on probation for the program, but don't understand why?

A: You can be put on Honors probation for several reasons:

  • To remain in good standing with the program, a GPA of 3.25 is required, or if a freshman (0-30 credit hours earned) probation may be deferred with a GPA of 3.0. After your GPA falls below the required minimum, you have one semester to bring your GPA above 3.25 or you will be placed into inactive status within the Honors Program. 
    If you would like to once again become an active member in the Honors Program, you must improve your GPA to a 3.5 and reapply to our program. For some, this may not be an option due to current class standing.  
  • During one academic calendar year you are required to completesix Honors credits. If you do not, you will be placed on Honors probation.
  • You must fulfill the full time student status and be enrolled in and received a grade for 12 or more credits each semester. If you do not, you will be placed on Honors probation.

Honors Scholarship Eligibility

Q1: Am I eligible for Honors Program scholarships while on Honors Program probation?

A1: Unfortunately, no.

However, please meet with our director or program coordinator to install a plan toward GPA improvement and recovery. We are always happy to connect students with study groups, tutors, and other students to help you succeed in your goals.

Q2: Do I need to apply for scholarships through Finanncial Aid if I am only applying for Honors Program Scholarships?

A2: YES! Our scholarship application process does require that you apply both through the Financial Aid Scholarship Application and the Honors Program Scholarship Application by the February 15th deadline.

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