Living Learning Community — Honors College



What Are Living Learning Communities?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are residential housing programs that give you the opportunity to live with other students who share similar majors and interests. These programs are designed to build community through common learning. The focus of the Honors Living Learning Community at UAF is to provide first-year students an environment that supports academic success and enhances the Honors experience as a whole.



Benefits of the Honors Living Learning Community

Participating in Living Learning Communities offers a variety of unique opportunities and benefits, both academically and socially:

  • Make strong friendships while gaining a deeper connection to the university.
  • Participate in fun and educational in-house activities related to your field of interest.
  • Collaborate with Residence Assistants, faculty and other staff outside the classroom.
  • Ease your transition into college life by living with peers who share similar interests.
  • Enrich your college experience by being part of a supportive living and learning environment. 
UAF honors students gathered in a circle smiling down at the camera



How to Get Involved

The Honors Living Learning Community is located in Skarland Hall, one of our first-year residence halls. To participate, you must be an Honors student.