Honors House at UAF



Welcome to the Honors House

The Honors House is home to a dynamic and diverse student community. Located in the heart of campus, it’s a cozy space to study, spend time together, share ideas or collect your thoughts. You can enjoy a meal or do your laundry. You can also participate in all kinds of fun and healthy activities, like yoga classes, that enrich the body and mind.

The Honors House features a kitchen, computer lab, conference room and other amenities. It’s open from 8 AM until 10:30 PM daily, and you’re welcome to use the facilities any time during these hours. You’re also welcome to bring guests, as long as they are accompanied by an Honors student.



Honors House Rules

The Honors House is shared by students, staff, faculty and the University community in general. While it is a comfortable home for all, it’s essential that we are considerate of others and use our good judgment to make it an enjoyable place for everyone. We ask that you treat the Honors House with respect and always leave it a little better than you found it.

Please take a moment to review the guidelines below for using and maintaining the Honors House.


  • Please wash, dry and put away your dishes. If you use the dishwasher, put your dishes away when they are clean and dry.
  • The stove has special cleaning scrubbers and cleaners above the sink. Please use them to clean the stove top after each use. Keep all appliances clean inside and out.
  • Do not eat food without checking for labeling (name and expiration date should be on all food).
  • If you create a lot of trash, please take it out to the dumpster.

Computer lab, conference room and classroom

  • The conference room is for student use. It’s a great place to have study sessions and to practice your speeches and presentations.
  • Please be considerate of others using labs. If a door is closed, please knock before entering.
  • Food and uncovered drinks are not allowed at computer stations or near electronic equipment.
  • The upstairs classroom is a smart classroom with state-of-the-art equipment. Be sure to turn off the IT equipment after use. Also, please do not unplug the large television.

Honors House after hours

  • After 10:30 p.m. the Community Service Officers (CSO) will check the house. If students are in the house after hours, they will be asked for ID and may remain in the house to work on various projects. No one may sleep, camp out or live in the Honors House.

Honors House reservations

  • All scheduled use of the House will be posted on the calendar downstairs at the Honors House and on the Honors Blackboard site. If you have reserved space in the House, but do not see it on the calendar, please notify a staff member so we may correct the oversight.

Honors House guest policy

  • You are encouraged to bring guests to the Honors House. However, guests must be accompanied by an Honors student.
  • As the host, the Honors student accepts full responsibility for the actions of his or her guests. Honors students who host guests must be familiar with and have a signed full House Use Agreement on file with the Honors College.
  • Guests are not permitted to use the laundry facility.
  • Guests may bring their own snacks and drinks to the Honors House. Please do not use Honors College food supplies for personal or non-program potlucks, non-Honors group treats, etc. If events are to be catered, UAF catering services must be used.