Graduation Celebration

May 2013 Honors Program Graduation Celebration

Join us for the Honors Program Graduation Celebration on May 11, 2013 from 2:30-4:00 PM in the Schaible Auditorium, Bunnell Building on the UAF Main Campus.

This celebration is open to the public, so please invite family and friends.

If you are a graduating Honors Program senior, please make sure you complete the following forms:

  • Honors Graduation Celebration Form
  • UAF Honors Program Exit Interview
  • Honors Service Hours Form

All of which can be found on our Honors Program Forms page.

Graduates and Mentors:

  • Please be at the Celebration by 2:15 pm so we can get everyone in place as you will walk in together.
  • Student ushers as well as the Honors Program staff will be available for questions.
  • Mentors, please wear academic regalia.
  • Graduates, if you are borrowing a cap and gown please come pick them up from either Kerrie or Nycolett before 3 pm Friday.
  • If you are a mentor and unable to attend, feel free to email remarks about your student and their mentorship to and we will share them in your stead during the celebration.

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Graduates

Congratulations Honors Program Graduates!

Graduate NameCapstone Thesis Title
Univeristy Honors* or Honors Thesis** Scholar
Lacey Brewster
Establishing a relationship between Impulsiveness and MathematicsUHSCLA
Heather CurreyThe effects of silencing insulin on the morphology and function of degenerate mechanosensory neurons in the C. elegans aging modelDesignation PendingCNSM
Hannah Foss
The Griz of Oz: An experiment in culture and language barriersUHSCLA
Jeremiah HarringtonFourier techniques for sound visualizationUHSCNSM
Martin HarringtonThe Changing Face of PublicationUHSCLA
Sophia HoltonCreating a News PackageHTSCLA
Bryant HopkinsPhylogenetic Applications for Comparing United States SenatorsUHSCNSM
Michael KellerThe Development of Standards in Percussion RepertoireHTSCLA
Jack LaSotaSTEREO AnalysisUHSCEM
Shaun Milke Debris Deflector Platform AutomationUHSCEM
Shaun C. NesheimA (Casual) Guide to Going Abroad in
Nathanael O’ConnorThe Irish Language in the Gaeltacht of
Galway County 1981-2011
Kyoko OkanoA Prediction of Habitat Change for White Spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) in Denali National Park and PreserveUHSCNSM
Ondrej PalecekInternational Trade Between United States and Central EuropeUHSSOM
John PenderDesigning an OS X user interface for the Mupen64 emulatorDesignation PendingCEM
Sarah RichardsA Journal of JournalismUHSCLA
Eyal SaietUAV Methane DetectionUHSCNSM
Rebekah SchmidtSound Chemical Management in Transitioning Economies: Environmental ImplicationsUHSCLA
Hannah TallanIntra-network Mediated Chemosensitivity
of Raphé Neurons: Identifying
amplifier respiratory chemosensors in situ
* Graduating with 27+ Honors Credits, ** Graduating with 12-26 Honors Credits

Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 Graduates

Congratulations Honors Program Graduates!

Click on a graduate's thesis title to read the abstract or introduction of their Capstone Thesis!

Graduate NameCapstone Thesis TitleUniversity Honors or Honors Thesis ScholarCollege/School

Kelsey A. Bearden

South is towards the mountains: Complexities of coming homeUHS CNSM
Samuel T. BrewerPolar ThunderUHS CEM
J. Blake EggemeyerCommunity Project TrackingUHS CEM
Rachel M. FrameGerman Village Identity and the Thirty Years WarUHS CLA
Catherine E. GloverSpecies Identification of Naphthalene Degraders in Willow Rhizosphere Soil through Stable Isotope ProbingUHS CNSM
Lydia J. GrafSenior Voice Recital UHS CLA
Celia J. Hampton-MillerDisentangling fistulose Ramalina species (Ramalinaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in northwest North America UHS CNSM
Brittany M. HutchisonArctic National Wildlife Refuge: Obstacles, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Solution UHS CLA
Jessica K. KlejkaUsing Hair as an Indicator of Mercury Exposure in Sled Dogs HTS CNSM
Jessica N. LambThe Study and Expression of Bharatanatyam Classical Indian Dance HTS CNSM
Samantha E. MacNeithKaleidoscopic Highly Symmetric Pseudoline Arrangements UHS CNSM
Keane S. RichardsMorality and The Natural Law: A Dialogue UHS CLA
Megan G. RichardsChaos and Dynamical Systems UHS CNSM
Catherine E. RubinBody Size Change in Alaskan Red Squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus preblei) Over Decadal Timescales HTS CNSM
Jenna C. SchmidtAttitudes, Knowledge, and Beliefs on Cancer and its Prevention in Northwestern Rural Alaska UHS CNSM
Erik O. P. SoederstroemRemote Sensing Risk Assessment of Valdez Glacier Lake HTS SNRAS

Every year, a small private ceremony is held to recognize those individuals who have successfully completed the Honors Program curriculum. During the ceremony, graduates' Capstone theses titles are read, Special Certificate Awards are presented, and Mentors, Family and Friends of our students are recognized. Honors cords and sashes are presented to the graduating students to wear in the UAF Commencement Ceremony.

Last year this event was graced by high-standing campus figures Chancellor Rogers, Provost Henrichs, and Vice-Provost Thomas. Below is a picture of the May 2012 graduating group.

2012 Honors Graduates
2012 Honors Graduates*. UAF Photo by Todd Paris.

May 2012 Honors Graduated Class

*Click to enlarge picture

2011 Honors Graduating Class

Who is invited?

Family, friends, Instructors, Mentors, and anyone important to the graduating Honors student. This ceremony is held to recognize the student's achievement and successful completion of the program.

Campus notables such as the Chancellor, Provost, Vice Provost and college Deans are also invited to attend.

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