Makerspace for Climate Change



What Is the Honors Makerspace?

The Honors Makerspace at UAF is a collaborative work space dedicated to hands-on creativity and problem-solving. Our focus is on developing new technologies that will address challenges related to climate change. As a business incubator, the makerspace is also a way to help move research from the lab into the private sector.

Climate change is a complex issue that touches so many different facets of our lives — human health, the environment, economics, politics and culture, to name a few. Our goal through the makerspace is to define the issues, challenge assumptions, and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. It’s a chance to dig deeper and think in new ways, drawing on the combined ideas and expertise of students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds.


Why study climate change at UAF?

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. At UAF, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work on the front lines of climate change, take part in unique site-based experiential learning and contribute to science and policy in meaningful ways.

UAF is a leader in climate and Arctic research. With an interdisciplinary team of world-class faculty, we produce more publications and citations related to Arctic study than any university in the world.