Inherent in our Honors Mission is a commitment to academic excellence and helping our students become critical thinkers for today's society. We foster close relationships between professor and student to encourage progress and to enrich collegiate expericences.

In addition to earning Honors credit hours, each student must complete a Capstone thesis to graduate with an Honors distinction. A database of past theses projects is being created for student perusal. Each student attends Capstone Development courses to create "building blocks" to pave the way toward readiness for completing their thesis prior to graduation.  

Additionally, if there is a class that is not offered specifically as an Honors course, students have the ability to create a "Contract Class" in cooperation with professors. Agreements are reached between students and course instructors and a contract is created and signed to determine an "in depth" project to be completed toward earning Honors credit. Sometimes students write papers, present posters or deliver oral presentations based on subjets related to class topics.

The Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity office exists to support students in developing research based projects much like the Capstone thesis.

It becomes increasingly important for our Honors students to monitor their own academic progress- both grades and Honors credits. To aid our students in this endeavor, the University has established DegreeWorks within UAOnline. Much like Blackboard used for dispensing information on student enrolled classes, DegreeWorks is specific to the individual student. It is a campus-wide approach to sharing vital statistics in a secure fashion. 

An Honors Student takes advantage of a beautiful fall day to study outdoors
An Honors student takes advantage of a beautiful fall day to study outdoors. UAF photo by Maureen McCombs
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