Graduation Requirements

There are two levels of Honors Graduation Achievement. All Honors students are required to graduate with Sufficient Honors Credit and a Cumulative 3.25 GPA to accomodate one of two levels:

  • 27 or more credits forUniversity Honors Scholar
  • 12 credits forHonors Thesis Scholarfor transfer students

All Honor students MUST conduct "research" to aspire to and complete an academic Capstone Project or Thesis. When students complete their Capstone experience, they write up the results and deliver a presentation to peers. Tasks for Capstone completion include: 

  • Project Proposal Submission and Approval by Mentor and/or Honors Director
  • Project Outline
  • Complete All Tasks by Published Deadlines
  • Present Capstone; Time and Date is Determined by Instructor or participate in Research Day
  • Write Up Thesis/ Project Results
  • Course Evaluation
  • All Paperwork Completed
  • Exit Interview with Director

All students must take the following classes in order to prepare and complete Honors Capstone:

  • Honors Capstone 381, 382, 383; 1 credit classes

Strongly recommended:

  • Honors Capstone Research 498; 1-6 credits
  • Honors Capstone Thesis 499; 1-6 credits
Honors Student Graduating
UAF Photo by Todd Paris.
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