Declaring a Major

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While it may not seem critical when you start your college career, making a decision about your major will be important as you take classes and accumulate credits.

First, you will want to be sure you are taking courses that will "fit" most majors offered. Start by comparing various majors you might be interested in to be sure you are taking the appropriate prerequisites in the right sequence. This is why it is especially important for General Studies students to work with their academic advisor!

Resources are listed below to help you review and confirm information about various majors/careers on your own. The Academic Advising Center will use a variety of materials and computerized programs to provide you all the help you need to make a decision.

The UAF Interdisciplinary Program provides flexibility to undergraduate students who do not fit into one of the established majors offered by the university. There are two tracks to choose from:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies- This provides students the opportunity to create their own specialized degree program using established UAF classes. A General Studies option is available for students who have over 100 credits but are not currently close to any other established degree at UAF. This option is typically used by returning students or by transfer students who have a large number of credits. The application process and requirements are listed in the catalog or contact the Academic Advising Center at 907-474-6396.
  • General Studies Degree Completion Option- Available only to undergraduate students who have over 100 credits and have completed the general baccalaureate requirements to graduate but do not have a collection of courses appropriate for a specific UAF major. This option is useful for students who cannot complete an existing UAF major for some reason or who have changed majors several times sometimes at multiple institutions. This option may not be used as a double major. Faculty members working in the Academic Advising Center serve as academic advisors for Interdisciplinary General Studies Degree Completion Option Students. The application process and requirements are listed at the Interdisciplinary Studies website and advising information for this option is available at the Interdisciplinary Studies Programs website.

Use the following as a general guideline during this decision-making process:

Explore Various Options:

  • Usually from 0-14 credit hours or
  • Approximately one semester as a full time student.

Narrow Your Choices:

  • Recommended between 15-30 credit hours or
  • Approximately two semesters as a full time student.

Focus on a Specific Major:

  • Recommended between 30-35 credit hours or
  • Approximately three semesters as a full time student.

Declare your Major:

  • Highly recommended between 35-45 credit hours or
  • Approximately four semesters as a full time student

Complete Official Form:

  • Complete the Undergraduate Change of Major form.
  • While you were officially admitted in the degree category of General Studies, you are officially "changing your major" although we might think of it as declaring your major.

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