March 2013

March 28, 2013 -- Construction questions


1. When parking lot and road access changes occur related to the Duckering Bldg. enlargement construction, will the metal staircase that leads from Alumni Drive to Tanana Loop be closed for use?
2. For those of us parking in Taku/Taku East lots, are we permitted to walk up the hill (on a trail) to access campus?


From Martin Klein, Facilities Services

The staircase will be open, but there will not be pedestrian access at the top of the stairs during the sewer line project, which will begin after Memorial Day. We're advising pedestrians to walk up Alumni Drive.

There will not be pedestrian access during the sewer line project unless someone wants to walk all the way around the construction. We're recommending that people who park in Taku take the shuttle to Wood Center. It will cut through the trail system to shorten the route and will go from Wood Center to West Ridge and loop back down to Taku.

Watch the Cornerstone news and information site, or for updates.

March 18, 2013 -- UAOnline user name and password option


Why was the use of the UA user name and password to log into UAOnline discontinued shortly after it had been implemented?


From Mary Gower, Director of UA Enrollment Services

The UAOnline login change was tested extensively prior to going live, but an issue arose that could only be found with extremely large volumes of login activity.  When this high threshold was reached in UAOnline and a problem occurred, staff quickly reverted UAOnline to use the original login option. 

The problem has been identified and fixed. Prior to being re-introduced, the new login method will be volume-tested on a special server used for load testing registration at UAOnline. This new login option is expected to be available for students and employees before summer.

March 14, 2013 -- Parking logo use


On the parking ticket envelopes there is a very old UAF logo and it and instead of University of ALASKA Fairbanks it has the old University of Alaska FAIRBANKS.


We've alerted Parking Services to the logo guidelines. They had been trying to use up a large quantity of overstock.

March 14, 2013 -- Construction on campus


I understand some major renovations are planned for the lower campus this summer that will affect parking, road closures, and building closures.  Would you please elucidate?


A number of construction projects across the campus will affect roads, parking lots and pedestrian walkways this summer. The three big projects in the campus core include the Wood Center Dining Facility Expansion, the Fine Arts Project and the Engineering Building, which will take place over the next two years.  Tanana Loop road will close April 1 from the west end of the Bunnell Building to the east side of the Duckering Building, and will remain closed for the duration of the project. A temporary road will be built later this year from Salcha Street to the South Bunnell lot to allow parking as the Tanana Loop closure extends to the intersection and closes access to the parking lot to the south.

Contractors for the Wood Center Dining expansion and Engineering Building will be on site by April 15. The number of projects in this centralized location will likel inconvenience students, employees and visitors to campus at times. You can help by learning more about the projects. For more information please visit consider attending one of the following informal Q and A sessions:

  • Tuesday, March 19 in the Great Hall from 1 – 3 p.m.
  • Tuesday, March 19, in the Akasofu Building Lobby from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Recording available for the March 6 forum with project managers.

The new projects will add more than 150,000 square-feet of new space to the campus. They will significantly change the look and feel of the campus core and help better serve our students.

The Construction Parking Map (pdf) shows some of the work and affected parking lots throughout the summer. If you still have additional questions, please send us an email.

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