February 2013

Feb. 26, 2013 -- Legislative process


If it is true that the local Senate Legislators want to hear from us, university members, why weren't they attending their Senate Finance Committee Meeting during President Gamble's presentation?  I find it very frustrating that neither, Bishop or Kelly, attended a most important Finance Committee meeting where they both have a seat at the table. This can be seen on Gavel to Gavel or reheard, ON RECORD, by Keven Meyer, Anchorage Finance Committee Chairman, at exactly, 10:00:22, on FEB 19, 2013, that neighther Fairbanks Senators were at the table!


From From Ann Ringstad, Development Officer, College of Engineering and Mines

It's so great that we have active involved advocates who took the time to follow the legislative process in action. Really! I hope this vigilance continues!

As someone who also observed the meeting, it is very probable that both Senators were called away to other meetings, most likely having to do with Interior energy - very typical this time of session. Do know both Senator Bishop and Senator Kelly are very supportive of all things UA.  Senator Kelly was at the table for a time, and then had to leave. The purpose of the meeting was to cover all the capital budget items with the UA President, and I know the Interior Delegation has been fully briefed.

I can appreciate the frustration of not seeing our Interior Delegation at the table. Be assured however they are hearing the messages from their constituencies. It's always good to let them know about your support for issues and budget items. Keep up the vigilance!

Feb. 24, 2013 -- Budget issues and tenured faculty


I heard that some tenured faculty had been laid off recently due to budget problems in some departments. Is that true? If so, why and who?


From Susan Henrichs, UAF Provost

No tenured faculty have been laid off due to budget problems.

Tenure-track (but not yet tenured) faculty are probationary employees and they sometimes are non-retained for any or all of several reasons, including performance problems, changes in unit or UAF-wide priorities, unit budget challenges, and others. There has not been an unusual rate of non-retention this year.


Feb. 20, 2013 -- Exhaust fumes in the campus core


Today a Coca-Cola delivery truck was idling in the Signers' Hall parking lot and the fumes from the exhaust were so overwhelming that people in my class in Eielson began to feel physically ill. I understand that this has been an ongoing issue with this particular vendor. Is there anything that can be done to keep this from happening in the future?


From Raaj Kurapati, Financial Services and Business Operations

We have communicated this issue in writing with the vendor and have scheduled a meeting with the vendor to reiterate the concern and to come to terms on how we can allow for delivery of the product by agreeing on designated idling spots around campus.

Feb. 8, 2013 -- Recycling on campus


Do the janitors take paper from recycle containers in our offices to the appropriate receptacle or do they throw away?


The janitors are under contract to put the paper that is in blue recycle bins in paper dumpsters outside of the building for recycling. You can check with your janitor to see if they or following through. You can also look outside the building to see if there is the needed paper recycling dumpster. If you see a problem report it to Facilities Services at 474-7000.

Feb. 8, 2013 -- Gala fundraiser results


Why is our marketing department so painfully slow? The Chancellor's Gala was this past Saturday yet there still aren't photos from the event up on the front page or a spec of information on how if it was a success. However, we were certainly inundated with "purchase tickets for the gala" for almost a month.  Additionally, there is still a place to purchase tickets on the Chancellor's website.  Where's the follow through?  How much did the event bring in for the Circle of Hope project and the dental hygiene program?


From Michelle Renfrew, director Marketing and Communications

First, let me say thank you to all who participated in this event. Besides the attendees, there were a number of staff at UAF who assisted in promoting and organizing this event. Now to answer your question, our department usually can't wait to share good news with the campus, but it can take up to a week or two for the UA Foundation to process all of the funds raised through the event and for UAF to determine how much the charities will receive once expenses are covered. As soon as that information is available we will post it to the Chancellor's Gala website. Photos take time to process as our university photographer took hundreds throughout the evening. It takes a bit to go through them and pick the ones we want to share. We shared photos and video of the event on social media the evening of the event and throughout the weekend.  Photo's are now available at http://www.uaf.edu/chancellor/gala/ and the UAF SmugMug site.


The UAF Chancellor’s Gala raised $25,000 for the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation to support the Circle of Hope Breast Cancer Program at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and $25,000 to support CTC’s dental assistant and dental hygiene program. 

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