January 2012

Friday, Jan. 27, 2012 -- OIT list of resources


I would like to see a master list of accesses needed by employees who work at UAF/UA. There are so many different systems (computer logons, email, edir, ua online, VistaPlus, DSD/QMenu, Roxen, Banner, TOAD, VPN, ELMO, Pathway, etc.)

It would be nice to have comprehensive list of accesses available, how to get access, what they are used for and what types of positions will need access. I have asked OIT if such a list exists and indicated how useful it would be to have such a thing. I think a lot of time could be saved and new employees could be brought up to speed faster if we knew what accesses they need. I have started one myself.


Martha Mason, Interim Executive Director of User Services

The OIT Service Catalog is a good place for all faculty, staff and students to find information on IT services at UAF including account access. In particular, the New and Existing Account Administration entry provides an overview of the various accounts managed by OIT, how to get started and where to go for additional information. Take a look there, I think you will find this to be a convenient reference. Of course the OIT Support Center is happy to answer any questions you may have; dialing 450-8300 is one of many ways to contact the OIT Support Center.

Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 -- Recreational classes at SRC


Why are REC classes that are held at the SRC being canceled for the spring semester? There is a rumor that the SRC will be adding a glass wall to keep music in the room. Nearly everyone at the SRC wears headphones to listen to music so this seems pointless. Also, the rumor is that bids are just coming in for the contract. Why cancel classes already, for a project that may not happen for months. Classes can be shortened, or moved to the courts, but instead are being canceled with no notice to students.

On that last note, I am registered for one of these courses. My instructor was nice enough to let us know 10 days ago that she was notified it was canceled. I have not been told of this cancellation and still have the charges on my account.


From Ali Knabe, Student Services

Your class may have been canceled due to major upgrades are in the works for the Student Rec Center.  Please look for the following improvements soon:

  • New carpeting and paint
  • New turnstiles and front reception area
  • Renovated front office space
  • Walled in dance floor area
  • New temporary flooring for court area to allow for concerts skateboarding, etc.,
  • A new equipment checkout area
  • Three new treadmills with individual media centers

The project will be going out to bid in the next two weeks and work is anticipated to begin in March.

CTC schedules many of their recreation classes in the SRC. Although the timeline for these renovations isn't set in stone and may vary slightly depending on how the bid process goes, communication of these renovations was made with CTC staff as soon as the estimated timeline was communicated to the SRC by the UAF Department of Design and Construction. The staff at the SRC worked closely with CTC staff and in many cases we were able to find alternative locations for any impacted classes.

If you'd like to contact Susan Culley, records manager, at sjculley@alaska.edu regarding the cancelled course, she'll be happy to check on it for you.


I'm glad to hear of planned improvements at the SRC; its use keeps growing with folks getting exercise and participating in healthy and fun diversions from study, work, and winter! Can the improvements please include nicer, more comfortable seating in the waiting area (what happened to the couches?), a functioning second television by the machines (it's been out for more than a year), and more towels?


We will be purchasing a new washer and dryer specifically to address the towel issue. We're planning to add media centers to all compatible equipment and at least one flat screen located near the entryway. New furniture for the front is also part of the plan. 

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 -- Staff course fees


I am an employee who has registered for one class this semester. While I am supremely grateful for my tuition benefit, I am a bit stymied about the number and amount of fees I had to pay. Why do employees have to pay the Athletics, General Technology, Student Government, and UA-Network fees? (I can sort of understand having to pay the Sustainability fee.) As staff, the Technology and Network fees should be included as part of my regular employment. ASUAF does not apply to me in any way, shape, or form, so the Student Government fee is useless. I don't attend Athletic events, so that again is useless.


From Amanda Wall, UAF Business Office

Overall, employees who take classes are considered students and therefore must pay the same fees regardless of whether or not they choose to participate in the activity. When students register for classes they are responsible for paying the same fees as any other student who is registered for that number of credits regardless of payment method or whether they choose to participate in student life. The ASUAF fee pays for student publications and representation to the university administration as well as student discounts at local businesses. While students may not attend athletic events, this is an option for them as well.

Friday, Jan. 20, 2012 -- Head bolt heaters in Arctic Health Lot


Why are there fewer head bolt heaters than parking spaces in the newly paved lot 9B (by Arctic Health and IARC)?  I pulled into a spot today and all of the outlets were being used, so I had to move. Then, I realized that there were only four outlets per post and six vehicles were comfortably parked there. Are there plans to increase the number of outlets per head bolt post to correspond with the number of parking spaces?


The lot you've referenced, Arctic Health 9B, was designed for 100 spaces and has enough head bolt heaters for those spaces, however, there may be more cars squeezing into the lot than the number of spaces for which it was designed.

Please contact Martin Klein at 474-1599 or maklein2@alaska.edu with specifics as to where you believe there are missing head bolts.


Since the new head bolts in parking lot 9B are not working due to equipment delays, it would be helpful if more of us could park in the portion of the lot that does have functional head bolts. The problem is that when the lots are snow covered, people often park too far away from the car next to them when pulling in because they cannot see the painted lines delineating spaces. This results in two cars taking up three spaces and therefore, two cars taking up three headbolt plug-ins. Is there a way to mark the parking spaces (surveyor's sticks, maybe) so that more of us can access the working head bolts?


Thank you for your question. The head bolts in the lot are now working. Facilities isn't able to mark each individual space, but recommends that you test any plug with an extension cord light and report any head bolt heaters that are not working to Facilities Services at 474-7000.

Friday, Jan. 20, 2012 -- Recycling and composting


It's great that Christmas trees are being recycled. In that vein, is there anyway to somehow collect and compost the lawn cuttings in the summer? Up to now, they just get tossed into dumpsters---that's a lot of nice biomass going into the landfill. Perhaps the cuttings could be offered for folks to take home and use as they see fit (like heat for compost piles).


From Darrin Edson, Facilities Services

Most all lawn cuttings from campus have been collected and used in a compost pile for the past two years. The West Ridge, however, has been more of a challenge. We intend to bring 100 percent of the West Ridge lawn cuttings to the composting project this summer. For the past two years, most all of the lawn and grounds maintenance debris has been mixed with food waste from the campus food venues. We have used the material as an improvement to the campus flower and shrub beds.

Please visit the UAF campus Sustainability website for more up-to-date information about all the recycling and re-use occurring on the UAF campus.

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012 -- Fairbanks campus snow removal


Why are the stairs not cleared of snow? I hear it is because no student workers, doesn't UAF have regular paid employees? Let them get out and work! The stairs are not safe and the cleats on the shoes does not work very well. I also suggest you run tape or a rope across the stairs if they can not be cleared. People are falling down and they are not safe.


Darrin "Bear" Edson, Facilities Services

The UAF campus is divided into five separate zones, and with each zone comes adequate personnel staffing to ensure each area is cared for daily. There are several variables that may affect our snow removal plans at any given time:

  • A large snow fall or extreme low temperatures
  • Absent work force due to vacations and sick leave

In addition to the grounds crew, other shop employees at Facilities Services are often called to assist during heavy snow removal. At this time of year, with students gone for the break, and the flow of pedestrians at it's lowest, we chose not to call the shops other than the grounds crew into action and pull them away from regular work. The grounds crew and student employees are currently working to clear the campus of recent snowfall.

If there is a specific area you would like cleared immediately, please call 474-7000 to request.


Monday, Jan. 9, 2012 -- Ice sculptures on the Fairbanks campus


Where are the ice sculptures? Perhaps this is a cost-saving measure?


The ice sculptures are typically carved during the spring semester. They were originally funded through donations from staff and faculty members, and coordinated by former Director of the Center for Health and Counseling, John Fellerath. The past few years individual departments have purchased ice art to place near their buildings and promote their programs.

Facilities Services has previously purchased an entrance sign at Thompson Drive and this year will sponsor sculptures next to the reader board on Alumni Drive, one at Thompson Drive and one in the core of campus between the Rasmuson Library and Wood Center.

Any department can arrange to purchase the ice sculptures. The department will need to make arrangements for the purchase of the ice blocks and carving with Ice Alaska at 451-8250. Facilities Services will prep an area for ice art upon request. Please call 474-7000.

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