Master's with Project




Here is listed all the required paperwork for all Master's students. 
For more details on the timelines for deadlines to submit these, please visit our 
Dates and Deadlines page.

The approved final draft of your project must include:

  • *A title page as page 1 (See here for an example (WORD))  
  • *An abstract as page 2 (This will allow the library archivists to obtain enough data for the collection).

A PDF copy of your post-defense project and a signed copy of your Project Approval Form must be submitted through JotForm

Responsibility: You are responsible for meeting all requirements for graduation. Your Advancement to Candidacy must be received by the Graduate School the semester before you intend to graduate.

  • Master’s with thesis or project and all Ph.D. programs
    • You must be registered for a minimum of 3 graduate-level credits within your discipline the semester that you successfully defend your thesis or project and plan to graduate.
    • If you have already successfully defended but missed the previous semester graduation deadline, then you must be registered for a minimum of 1 graduate-level credit within your discipline the semester that you plan to graduate.
  • Master’s with non-thesis/non-project
    • You are not required to register for the semester within which you plan to graduate.
  • Graduate Certificate or Graduate Licensure
    • You are not required to register for the semester within which you plan to graduate.
    • No Advancement to Candidacy required.

UAF issues diplomas to graduates three times each year: in September following the summer sessions, in January at the close of the fall semester, and in May at the end of the spring semester. All students who complete degree requirements during the academic year are invited to participate in the annual commencement ceremony at the end of spring semester.

Names of students receiving degrees appear in the commencement program and are released to the media unless a written request not to do so has been received by the graduation department. Students who do not want their names to be released may so indicate on the application for graduation form.

Graduates are responsible for ordering caps and gowns through the UAF bookstore in early spring. Master’s students also must order hoods; the color of the hood is determined by the graduate’s school or college. Doctoral students who attend the commencement ceremony will receive a doctoral hood on stage during the ceremony.  


Graduating Semester Priority Deadline ($50 fee) Late Deadline ($80 fee)
Fall October 15th November 15th
Spring February 15th March 15th
Summer July 15th No late deadline available


Fall   December 15th
Spring   April 24th
Summer   August 10th