Request for an Outside Examiner

An outside examiner representing and appointed by the dean of the Graduate School is required at all Ph.D. oral examinations (except the placement examination). The examiner must be from a different department than the student and the chair of the advisory committee. The outside examiner is present to determine that a stringent, unbiased examination is fairly administered and evaluated.

All Ph.D. students must submit an Outside Examiner Request Form to the Graduate School for their oral comprehensive exams and their dissertation defense and the following guidelines must be observed:

  • This request must be submitted at least two weeks before the exam (preferably three)
  • This request cannot be scheduled during weekends, holidays, or university closures, or outside of the hours of 9am-5pm

Remember, it is your responsibility as the student to make the request, not your advisor's or committee chair's responsibility.

Outside examiners are not required for Master's students.