I've Been Accepted, Now What?

Getting Started

Two student divers walking out of Kasitsna Bay
Student Divers at Kasitsna Bay - Photo courtesy of SFOS

Ok, you've received your acceptance letter, now what?

If you are going to require on-campus housing, please submit your request through the Department of Residence Life.

After you arrive in Fairbanks you should notify your department as soon as possible.  This will begin the process of identifying your advisor (if you do not already have one).  Before you can register for the first time you will need to log into UAOnline, find and print a copy of the Intent to Register form (here is how to do it) and have your advisor sign it.  Bring the completed and signed form to the Registrar's office where they will set up your record so that you are then be able to enroll online.

Next you will need to register for the New Graduate Student Orientation and, if you are going to be a Teaching Assistant, the New Teaching Assistant Training.  These are offered by the Graduate School and they are provided free of charge. If you are new to Alaska then you might want to also sign up for New Student Orientation. This session costs approximately $75 and offfers a variety of information about UAF and Fairbanks. It also typically includes transportation to a late night shopping spree so you can gear up for the Fairbanks winter and upcoming semester.

Once the semester is underway, you will need to identify the rest of your committee members and submit an Appointment of Committee form to the Graduate School.  With the help of your committee members you will then create and submit your Graduate Study Plan.  Please see How to Earn a Graduate Degree for more details on other paperwork that you will need

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